New Home Prints

We’ve had a blank wall at home above our couch for all of the 3 1/2 years we’ve lived in our condo, and I’m happy to have finally filled that space with some photos I took in Iceland back in 2001. If you’ve ever tried to select a few prints for your home, maybe you know how tough that process can be. I could have picked any of a few hundred photos but eventually – with much help from my wife – chose these two waterfalls that we visited in our first two days driving around the country.

This was the first time I’d ordered large prints. These measure 36×24 inches, and the quality came out great. They were shot on a Nikon D90, so I wasn’t sure what the quality would be like enlarging them to that size. Over the past year it seems, I’ve looked around for printers that would be affordable enough that both some initial trial and error, and the hope to order more prints wouldn’t be too expensive of a process. I also wanted prints that could be hung without glass, because we have large windows in our living room and can’t avoid glare. Each of these prints were printed on 300gm satin photo paper, and mounted on 1/2″ foam core board.

HomePrints-MGallegly--4099 HomePrints-MGallegly--4100 HomePrints-MGallegly--4104

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