Breckenridge Trip – February 2011

Breckenridge, Colorado, is probably my favorite city in the United States. I was incredibly lucky, as a Texan, to discover snowboarding there back in 1997 with a group of high school friends during our freshman year in college. One day there and I was hooked. We made four or five trips out there every January for the next several years, and they’re some of the best memories I’ll ever have.

This trip in 2011 was my first time there since 2001, and I travelled out there with a group from Chicago that I snowboard with around the Midwest. I was really excited to have my camera gear along and it made for some fun solo-runs away from our group to just take it easy and soak up the terrain. I have some serious envy for those who get to be in this kind of environment regularly throughout the winter, but I’m definitely lucky to be making a couple trips out west each season to get my fill of it. More photos from this trip available here.

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