Iceland – Hella to Höfn – August 2011

I’ve recently had a friend, and a coworker take vacations to Iceland, which reminded me that I still have a ton of photos from my trip there in 2011 left to post. These photos were taken on the first long drive from Hella to Höfn. The weather wasn’t the greatest that day, but made for some dramatic scenery as we drove through lava fields, visited two stunning waterfalls (including the iconic Skogarfoss), walked along the coast and watched puffins fly around at Black Beach, and got our first look at the Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður glacier.

It’s photos like these – and many others I took – that make me daydream constantly about returning to Iceland. I’m hoping to go back in three years when I turn 40 to hike for a couple of weeks, and see much more of the interior landscape that you can’t see from the Ring Road. It’s a fascinating, beautiful country where you constantly feel it’s where the earth began. I’ve included some photos from two new galleries I posted to my portfolio tonight below, along with some random shots from the drive.

Hella to Höfn Gallery 1 | Hella to Höfn Gallery 2











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