Colorado Snowboarding Trip 2019

Each winter I make a trip out to Summit County, Colorado, to snowboard, unwind, and take a ton of photos. I started going out to Colorado in 1997 during college, driving up with friends from Texas each January for College Ski Week. I quickly fell in love with everything about the mountains and the sport. After I moved to Chicago in 2001, it took about 10 years before I made it back to the mountains, which coincided with getting in a dozen-or-so days of snowboarding locally in the Chicago area – yes, you can snowboard and ski in the Midwest, but nothing comes close to Colorado.

Since 2011 I’ve made it out to Breckenridge each winter, and though since 2015 when I became a dad, my local Midwest trips have diminished, but I still get a trip in. We started branching out in the past couple years from just visiting Breckenridge, and have spent time at Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, and Copper Mountain. This year in 2019, we did two days at Keystone, one day at A-Basin, and one at Breckenridge.

Besides the joy I get from being out there snowboarding, it’s probably the one place I enjoy photography more than anywhere else. I’ve travelled there with Nikon DSLR’s, a Pentax 35mm film camera, iPhones of all kinds, and since 2016, my Fuji X70. I own a Fuji XT2 with the 16mm f1.4 and the 35mm f2.0 lenses, and while I’d love to take that camera with, the fact that I gladly take along the X70 is a testament to just how fantastic a camera it is. Fuji’s film simulations are the primary thing that won me over when I bought the X70, and being able to shoot in snow with customized presets that allow me to get the texture and color of snow just right make it so much more enjoyable than my previous DSLR process allowed (shoot RAW, return home, obsess over editing for weeks).

This trip was definitely the best I had in a couple years thanks to good snow, and being in better shape than I’ve been in a couple years. We went out all four days, and it was great to still have a ton of energy on our last day when I’m usually wiped out. We stayed at the mountain in Keystone and it was great to be such a short walk or bus ride to the lifts.

Keystone – Friday February 22nd & Saturday February 23rd.

This was our second time to visit Keystone after first visiting in 2018 and spending most of our time in The Outback riding North and South Bowl and their great tree runs. This time around over two days we explored a lot more of the mountain

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